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2012 Defi Rhône Alpes


I Januar deltok Lena og 6 hunder i etappeløpet Defi Rhône Alpes i Frankrike. Liv og Arne var med som handlere. Det foregikk over 9 dager, med en fridag.

The French 9 days (one day off) stage race took place in 4 different locations in Rhône Alpes in January. Skijoring, 4-, 6- and 8 dag class. Between 4 and 12 km.
I participated in 4-dog class where we had a pool of 6 dogs. Lucky and Buff (50% Greysthers), Snehvit, Turboprinsen and Gullgutten (25 % Greysthers), and Provit (GSP/AH). My mother and father was traveling with me. I slept with my dogs in the car, and my parents in hotels.
A lot of snow in the beginning of the race made the trails a bit dangerous downhill. The two first days in Albiez Montrond was 6,5 km. Steep down, and up again. Lucky, Provit, Turbo and Gullet was really good the first day, and we were in the lead with 20 sec. (Igor Tracz and Quintin Soulier after us). The second day Lucky was injured in her hip, and we lost a lot of time. Lucky could not run in the rest of DRA. Very sad!! 
Competitionday 3 and 4, was after 1 day with rest, in St. Jean (Arves). Nice funny trail, but a little loose snow the first day. Igor beat me with 8 sec the first day, after I had a big "dive" in the snow. Gullet, Buff, Provit and Turbo ran very good. The second day in the same trail we beat Igor with about 20 sec. (4 km)
Day 6 and 7 we were in the XC / Biathlon place Nancroix. Great trails, about 6,2 km. I was still no. 2 totally and Igor was starting first. That day we beat him with 44 sec, and the next day with 5 sec (very hot day). 
For the two last days in La Clusaz (Manigold) we were in lead. The trail here was a lot of up hills. Not steep, but long. And the finish line was almost on the top, because of all the people in this area (all hotels were totally full). 20 sec the first day, in much snow, gave me a total lead of 54 sec before the last day. Snehvit was also running both days. It was 1 min startintervall, and nothing was for sure before the finish line. Buff and Turbo was really good in front, and we were about 40 sec in front of Igor (World Champion 2011), and more in front of Quintin Soulier (European Champion 2010). This was the only day Gullet did not run. (Because Buff was in heat Gullet did not eat too much during the week).
Totally we won with 1 min 38 sec. The dogs and me had a fun week, with a lot of experiences :-) We might go back next year ...