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World Championships and European Championships are held every second year. Follow our activity at www.sleddog.no

Here are some pictures from dog racing:

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2007 Gafsele.jpg
Sled: 4-, 6-, 8- and unlimited class. Sprint, mid-distance and long distance.
World Championships and European Championships every 2. year.
2009 NM kjetil.jpg
Skijoring with 1 or 2 dogs. Between 5-30 km.
lena beste tid.jpg
Pulka with 1 or more dogs. This is from a mass start called Olympic Modell
Dryland (off-snow). Running, scooter (Kickbike / Footbike: www.sparkesykkel.info
or roller (picture belowe)
Lena BH  foto Ketil Rolseth.JPG
VM06_KH Raubuch.jpg